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Useful Links for UCI Copenhagen 2011
UCI Copenhagen 2011

Royal News

Enjoy the first official Pictures of the Royal Twins

A Prince and a Princess are born

On 8 January 2011 Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary gave birth to two healthy children at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.
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The Danish Monarchy

Victor Borge 100 Year Birthday

Victor Borge was born on January 3rd 1909
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Jørn Utzon dead December 1, 2008

Sydney Opera architext dead
Copenhagen Post
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The Sea Stallion

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

The Danish Viking Ship The Sea Stallion from Gundalough

Follow the journeys of the reconstructed viking ship. - The Sea Stallion returned to Roskilde in September 2008, where it can be seen near the Viking Museum.

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A good starting point, if you are looking for news and information about Denmark and the Danes

If you are planning to visit to Denmark as a tourist or for business purposes, you can get tourist information about our small country and "visit" the places which interest you, before you actually come to visit Denmark.

At we try to provide you with all relevant information about Denmark, but if you think that something is missing, you are welcome to send a mail to webmaster or you may also visit - the Danish version of DK-finder. Even if only a small portion of the pages at are in English, they may lead you to the relevant sites and information you are looking for.

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