December 2005
Car Buyers to Find Better Vehicle Technology in 2006, but Fewer Special Incentives - Tips Can Help Drive Smart Loan Deals
Many new car buyers will appreciate the latest automotive trends expected to take shape in 2006 and beyond. A greater variety of downsized, fuel-efficient SUVs will be available. New vehicle safety features like tire pressure monitors will reach the market. And sales promotions like last summer's employee discount campaign are expected to set the stage for year-round, no-haggle vehicle pricing.
Success in Job Interviews: Preparation and Presentation Are Key
Nearly everyone who has ever interviewed for a job can tell you a horror story that no amount of preparation or presentation could have avoided. But according to experts, being well-prepared, poised and enthusiastic can get you through even the most horrible job interview scenarios with your confidence intact.
Tips for Attracting the Opposite Sex
Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. And don't forget the chimpanzees in the zoos or courageous kangaroos - insects, birds and animals have been "falling in love" since the beginning of time, millions of years before Cole Porter released his popular song in the 1928 musical "Paris."
How to Fight Breast Cancer: Early Detection and Education
A young mother of three and just 34 years old at the time, Janelle Hail was not prepared to get the news that she had breast cancer. "I was in complete shock. I had no family history, was relatively healthy and then like a bomb the news dropped on me. I was given few options and no educational information to make a life changing decision."
November 2005
Shopping Their Way to the Top: Teens and the Future of the Fashion Industry
In 2003 Americans bought $311 billion worth of clothing and shoes according to the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA). This number indicates the profitability of just one of the many fields within the fashion world -- fashion design.
Get Your Deck and House Ready for Winter - and Spring
As the temperatures cool down, you may be thinking your list of outdoor chores is coming to an end - no more mowing the lawn, no more weeding the flower beds. You may also be tempted to leave the refinishing of your deck or the repainting of your home until next spring, too.
Wireless "World Phones" Now Enable You to Chat While Abroad
For years, despite carrying a cell phone with them, Americans traveling abroad have been incommunicado. That's because when wireless technologies were being created, the United States used systems that were incompatible with those in the rest of the world, which opted for a single standard called GSM ("Global System for Mobiles").
New Initiative Seeks to Improve Diabetes Care
- The number of diabetes cases diagnosed in this country each year is increasing at an alarming rate. An estimated 18.2 million Americans now suffer from some form of the disease. That's 6.3 percent of the population.
Oktober 2005
Complete Your Fall Chores in No Time
Before you know it, temperatures will drop, leaves will fall, and the first flakes of the season will land on your barren back yard landscape. The coming change of season serves as the perfect excuse for home and landowners across the country to get outside and accomplish those end of season projects.
What Active Pet Owners Should Know
From the tiniest Chihuahua to an imposing Malamute, dogs, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. But big or small, the bond between people and their pets is the same. Dogs give their owners unconditional love, devotion and friendship. In return, pet owners have certain responsibilities to their companion animals, especially as they age
Experience Ice Cream Enlightenment Without All the Fat
When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, there are more than you may think. A day at the beach, a great meal or enjoying time with family and friends are probably some of the first to come to mind
Retired Race Horses Get A Second Chance
The unlikely union of retired race horses and prison inmates is producing remarkable results at farms operated by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, this country's oldest and largest Thoroughbred horse rescue group.
September 2005
Reaching America's Youth
With a labor shortage looming in the not-so-distant future, the need to train, educate and reach out to the youth of America will be essential to growing the work force. The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) recognizes this labor shortage as an opportunity to encourage youth, especially young women, to choose construction as a life-long career.
Why It's So Important to Encourage Your Kids to Read When the Family Goes on Vacation
If you'll be staying at a hotel when you travel, Instead of watching movies and playing video games at night in your hotel room, why not read a book and encourage the kids to do the same.
Proper Install Improves It All
Fall's seasonable temperatures offer a great opportunity to help get your home ready for the rigors of winter. Spend a few weekends winterizing your home now and you'll reap the benefits of lower energy bills and a highly efficient home no matter what the season.
Fluency on the Fly: Language Learning Tips for Business Travelers
When foreign news correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot travels to the world's latest hot spot -- be it Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan or the Congo -- he needs to learn the country's language, and fast. How does he do it? With the same innovative program used by the U.S. State Department, NASA and millions of individuals in countries around the world.
August 2005
Make Your Cell Phone Hands Free in the Car
Cell phones have really revolutionized our lives. They allow us to communicate any time from anywhere, and as would be expected, are used a lot on the road.
Learn a New Language Using Innovative Computer Technology
Allen Stoltzfus and John Fairfield weren't CIA agents, but it was international intrigue that led them to develop Rosetta Stone, their successful language-learning program. In the 1980s, the two spent time as students in Germany where they learned German by being fully immersed in the language and culture.
You Don't Have to be a Superhero to Save a Life
No one wants to be a statistic. But Megan Shaughnessy almost became one of 17 patients who die every day in the United States while awaiting an organ transplant. She began feeling sick in September 2000. After a month of trying to figure out what was wrong, doctors found that her liver was failing due to an autoimmune disease.
New Web Site Provides Breaking Science News for Kids
A surprise discovery in a T. Rex fossil, chipmunk-sized mammals roaming with dinosaurs, a tiger caught on hidden camera -- these stories and more can be found on a new Science Reporting for Kids Web site launched by AAAS, the science society.


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