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Amnesty International
Amnesty International - Help us cast the light on huma rights violations around the world
Help the World
Organisations that help the people of the world
Danish Refugee Council
The Danish Refugee Council works for viable solutions that can help and protect refugees around the world and in Denmark
  • www.dacaar.org Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees

    NGO.dk Danish Developmental Organisations
    Information in English about the Danish organisations that work in and with third world countries. Ngo.dk is a catalogue of Danish organisations, initiatives, and research centres from Danish Red Cross, DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) to the Danish Centre for Human Rights and Bicycles For Senegal.

    Humana.org The international Humana People to People Movement
    Danish organisation: UFF Ulandshjælp Folk til Folk

    Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke MS
    MS is a Danish members' organisation combining development assistance with both political lobbyism and active grassroot.

    Visit doctorswithoutborders.org!
    Doctors Without Borders
    LægerudenGrænser/Medicins sans Frontieres

    UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund

    Save the Children, Denmark

    OCHA Online UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

    Red Cross International Committee of Red Cross
    ICRC: [ Special:War in Iraq ]

    ACT International
    Emergencies, disaster news and coordination

    The Lutheran World Federation

    Visions for Peace - Voices of Faith

    World Council of Churches

    National Council of the Churches of Christ in USA

    Sojourners: Faith in Action

    Ecumenical Advocay Alliance
    The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) is a new and broadly ecumenical network for international cooperation in advocacy on HIV/AIDS and global trade.
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