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The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

Read about the reconstructed viking ship
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

Information about Denmark
www.denmark.dk The official homepage of Denmark

The Information Portal English introduction

StatBank Denmark
StatBank Denmark contains detailed statistical information on the Danish society.

The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats and presented as diagrams or maps.

TechnologyDenmark The Danish Technology Portal.
TechnologyDenmark gives you quick and easy access to news and information about technology.

TechnologyDenmark is a service from GTS - Advanced Technology Group, a network of ten independent Danish research and technology organisations.


The Danish Monarchy

The Monarchy
The Danish Monarchy
  • HM The Queen
  • The Royal Family

    HRH The Crownprince of Denmark
    HRH The Crown Prince's Homepage
    The Crown Prince's Personal Homepage
    Mary Donaldson

    The Danish Flag Dannebrog The Royal Wedding May 24, 2008

    More about the Danish Monarchy

    The Palaces
  • Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen
    Amalienborg Palace is the official residence of the Danish Monarchy.

    Danish Ministry of Education
    Study in Denmark
    Danish Education Institutions
    DIS - Denmark's International Study Program
    Study Abroad In English

    Danes abroad
    Magasinet for udedanskere..

    Danish Design
    Danish design
    Architecture, Furniture etc.
    Arkitektens Forlag / Danish Architectural Press

    Etnic Minorities
    Finfo.dk Information for Etnic Minorities about Public services in different languages

    Health Services
    Health service/health insurance in Denmark
    The persons, who are going to stay and live in Denmark for a longer period of time, can get here all the necessary information about the Danish health system. Here one can find all the explanations of the health system, its benefits, information about the doctors and hospitals.
    Das Gesundheitswesen in Dänemark

    The Official Portal for Foreigners and Immigrants
  • EU and the Nordic Countries

  • EC/EEA citizens, as well as citizens of Switzerland, are considered under the rules governing free movement of people and services.
    Nordic citizens are included under agreements between the Nordic countries that specify, among other things, the right to enter and reside in Denmark without possession of a passport or residence permit.
  • Visa (Short Term)

  • Do I Need A Visa?

  • ForeignersInDenmark.dk
    Foreigners in Denmark is an online community designed to facilitate intercultural communication, interaction and friendships between Danes and foreigners living in Denmark. We provide useful resources in English to help newcomers in learning and understanding of Danish culture.
    So, grab a cup of coffee and come chat with us!

    The Danish Ministry of Employment

    Jobs in Denmark

    Jobs in Copenhagen
    Jobs in Copenhagen is the first Danish web site fokusing on jobs for English speaking persons in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.

    DK-finder Joblinks
    Extensive list of job-related web sites in Denmark.

    The Parliament:
    The Folketing - The Danish Parliament
    The Danish Constitution

    The Government:
    The Prime Minister's Office
    The Government
  • List of Ministers
  • The Ministries - links to the ministries' homepages

    CultureNet Denmark
    Meet the Danes

    Hans Christian Andersen 2005
    Famous Danes

    Useful traffical portal in English
    Trafikken.dk - Driving in Denmark
    www.trafikcenter.dk Useful traffical information for travellers to Denmark
    Verkehrsinfo aus Dänemark

    IT & Telecommunications
    National IT and Telecom Agency

    The Freetown:
    Christiania.org The Freetown in Copenhagen

    Øresund Network
    Oresund.com, a guide to Non Governmental Organizations and business in the region

    Other sites:
    Copenhagen Airport
    CopenhagenCapacity The Investment Agency for Greater Copenhagen
    Copenhagen Stock Exchange

    Danish Exporters Export Directory of Denmark
  • Business Guide to Denmark
    Destination Denmark
    Lonely Planet's online guide to Denmark
    Directory of websites about Denmark.
    DK-finder.dk Numerous links to essential Danish web-sites

    EU Today
    Denmark's leading expat community for expatriates living in, working in or moving to Denmark.

    Invest in Denmark

    Relocation Partner
    Relocation services when moving to Denmark for executives and families. Help with all the practicalities and formalities of settling in Denmark.

  • Dictionaries
       • Danish
    Dansk for turister (English)

    PROMT online translator and dictionary

    Mapping and Routing services.
    Map of Denmark

    TrafikcenterDenmark.com - The Easy Way to Find Information about Traffic in Denmark

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